Industries We Serve

ACI has many years specialized experience in several key sectors, and has a comprehensive understanding of the complexities involved in providing solutions for:



Working with a number of high profile humanitarian agencies and non-governmental organizations, we are recognized for offering fast, reliable and cost effective solutions in the most challenging situations and remote areas around the world.

Our highly skilled and committed team offers the most effective logistics solutions ensuring:

  • Global reach to disaster areas in need of humanitarian relief
  • Rapid, seamless and effective ground operations in the most remote areas
  • Liaison with relevant authorities to secure permissions and permits to meet deadlines and tight timescales
  • Appliance to UN/customer specifications for picking-up, packing, repacking and re-labeling



One of the most sensitive industries within the supply chain management, Pharmaceuticals requires flawless processes and highly professionals to handle sensitive goods. At ACI, we develop and follow disciplined supply chain procedures to offer the most reliable logistic solutions to the healthcare industry.

We deliver:

  • Fast handling complimented with unbroken cool chain logistics
  • Special care and priority options based on customer requirements
  • On-ground cold storage with exact temperature control
  • Standardized procedures for individual special care cargo
  • Cargo movement monitoring from source to destination


Retail Logistics

With more than 12 years of experience in diverse retail sectors including Fashion and FMCG, we are recognized as a preferred partner for first-class brands and companies across the globe, using the most advanced technology solutions to ensure a robust supply chain, and first-class monitoring and order management services.

We provide our clients in most global retail markets with a portfolio of services that spans all logistics services from supply chain strategy to network design to in-store logistics, ensuring fast, cost-effective and optimized processes at every stage.


Oil and Gas

Oil & Gas logistics require experienced, dedicated services, with full understanding of logistical challenges such as extreme weather conditions and remote inhospitable locations. At ACI, we provideĀ a complete range of onshore and offshore services, offering key players in the Middle East and beyond customized logistics solutions for specific needs, and turnkey solutions 24/7.

We provide full support to the global players in the Oil & Gas industry with a range of flawless and cost-effective Air, Sea and Road solutions- whatever the location from the Gulf of Mexico to the Arabian Gulf or to the most remote oilfields across the globe. We are recognized for offering unmatched solutions for your outsized project cargo, as well as full support for packing and handling dangerous goods.


ACI provides a total package solution for all your cargo requirements. With full commitment to customer satisfaction we make sure that we provide innovative and efficient methods of keeping your supply chain unperturbed and in firm control.


Value Delivered

We do more than facilitating transportation of cargo. It is our mission to ensure your cargo reaches its destination safe, secure, and on time.


Passion Of Work

We attribute our success to all our employees worldwide who work relentlessly towards ensuring total customer satisfaction.


Win-Win Relationship

With global partners in over 21 countries, ACI is capable of looking after all your freight needs in any corner of the globe. Together with our partners and subsidiaries we aim to build longstanding and rewarding relations with our clients worldwide.


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    With a reputation of high standards of quality service, ACI is proud of its achievements and takes pride in longstanding business relations with international customers.