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What is 4th Party Logistics (4PL)

Let’s get right into it; 4PL is a service provided by companies like ACI Logistics to select clients that would benefit from the full-time expertise of a specialised company like ACI. Essentially what ACI would do is place one of their employees in a secondment-type model in your offices to assist with managing all aspects of the supply chain management and logistics. This service would free you up to focus on your core business, whatever that may be and allow for supply-chain professionals to manage the logistics of their customers.

4PL in Practice

ACI Logistics has over twenty years of experience in the industry and are consistently looking to provide progressive and forward-thinking services. Should you choose to avail this service, you would greatly benefit from their knowledge and professionalism as they have been providing 4PL services for more than five years now and are only one of a handful of freight & logistics companies in the region that do so.

The specialists at ACI are equipped to handle any materials and products with the sensitivity required for fragile, dangerous and/or temperature dependent goods. They would also be able to handle all the required documentation for customs clearance and permits needed.

The seconded ACI Logistics expert would utilise their skills and experience to manage your supply chain, import and export with the back office support that ACI will provide. They would be able to outline operational inefficiencies and supplement them with the knowledge gained from ACI. With transparency, efficiency and full access to the services and cost-effective strategies, you would have full visibility of the supply chain management process granted by ACI.

The Medical & Pharmaceutical Industry

4PL services are geared towards medium sized firms that would stand to gain an advantage from allocating their resources to their core business rather than creating a department dedicated to supply chain management and logistics. Companies in the medical & pharmaceutical industry based in the UAE with global operations would be able to focus their financial and human capital resources on marketing, training, research and development and revenue centres within the company crucial to its success and growth.

One of the most essential aspects within the shipping/transport of medical and pharmaceutical goods is quality assurance. For you, ACI Logistics would implement a comprehensive and rigorous process within the supply chain management to assure you at all times that your goods will adhere to all the required standards. Assurances throughout the process will provide regular reporting to provide the transparency and so the peace of mind that both you and your consumers need. Additionally, routine audits and inspections of the processes gives further assurances of the level of knowledge and care taken by ACI Logistics.

Another vital aspect within the medical and pharmaceutical industry is legal documentation. From import and export regulations, customs duties to license and permits, ACI is constantly monitoring the industrial landscape and so is always up to date with any changes and new requirements. This would in turn also enable ACI to ensure that all stock managed is under a just in time efficiency standard which would assist you in decreasing waste while at the same time assuring its consumers product availability.

How does the 4PL Contract work

As a client, you would be able to secure contracts ranging from three months to one year. You would be able to utilise this service to upscale your team by building and training them on the skills needed to run an efficient and cost-effective supply chain management process.

The scope of the contract would depend on your needs and on the infrastructure available to you at the time. The infrastructure to be considered here would be warehouses, operating systems, clearance and delivery management. In terms of warehouses, if your company does not have their own, ACI would be able to facilitate the usage of 3rd party warehousing solutions. The operating systems needed to ensure final delivery of goods with no damage to quality are ones that, in relation to pharmaceuticals, can track temperature to ensure that any changes can be immediately traced, logged and rectified as necessary. Having the right operating systems will help certify that the goods transported arrive in the state of quality they were sent in. In regards to clearance and delivery management, if your company is unable to have goods delivered to specific trade zones under its own company name or would they need to use ACI Logistics to transport the goods.

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There are many essential benefits to 4PL – inventory management to reduce waste and ensure consistent product availability, the assurances of quality management of highly sensitive goods, being constantly plugged into regulatory changes and requirements, the availability of 3rd party infrastructure (as needed) and above all ACI Logistics skills, expertise and network at your disposal.  4PL could help you upscale your business by focusing on your revenue ventures and discharging one of your main cost centres to the care of ACI Logistics who will present you with not only efficient but also cost-effective strategies to manage your supply chain process. Get in touch here to inquire further about 4PL and how it can best serve your needs. | +97148219300

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